About Chef Michelle Koenig


Chef Michelle Koenig has been working in the culinary industry for over 15 years with a specialty in event planning and catering. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, she moved to New York City where she began working in the special events department at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  While there, she began attending The Institute of Culinary Education where she received a degree in the Culinary Arts. Shortly after, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked as a Catering Director for the Northern Pacific Region of Whole Foods Market. Since moving to San Diego 8 years ago, Chef Michelle has been running the catering and events program at Zanzibar Café, Inc. as well as directly overseeing the opening of two restaurants.


When it comes to food, Chef Michelle believes in approachable recipes that showcase fresh ingredients, balancing both flavor and nutrition. She believes that food should be inspired and creative, but not complicated and that everything you eat should make you feel good and taste simply delicious.


What is a Personal Chef?


A Personal Chef is a culinary professional who creates and prepares customized menus for clients in their own homes. The meals are prepared, packaged and stored ready for the client to enjoy at a time that fits into their schedule.

A personal chef helps individuals and families eat the way they would like to, when they want to!


Who needs a Personal Chef?


You may be interested in hiring your own personal chef if you:

  • Have No Time To Cook
  • Do Not Know How To Cook Or Do Not Like To Cook
  • Are Tired Of Eating Unhealthy Take-Out/Fast-Food
  • Are Looking To Eat Healthier
  • Are Wanting To Try A New Diet (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Etc.)
  • Have A Specific Dietary Need And/Or Restriction
  • Have A Busy Family And Want To Spend Less Time Cooking And More Time At The Dinner Table
  • Are A Busy Working Professional
  • Are A New Or Expecting Parent
  • Are A Single Parent
  • Are A New Bachelorette/Bachelor
  • Are Recovering From An Injury Or Illness
  • Would Like To Learn More About Food, Ingredients And Cooking
  • Feel That Hiring A Personal Chef Would Be Beneficial To Your Lifestyle