What is a Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef is a culinary professional who creates and prepares customized menus for clients in their own homes. The meals are prepared, packaged and stored ready for the client to enjoy at a time that fits into their schedule.

A personal chef helps individuals and families eat the way they would like to, when they want to!

Who needs a Personal Chef?

You may be interested in hiring your own personal chef if you:

  • Have No Time To Cook
  • Do Not Know How To Cook Or Do Not Like To Cook
  • Are Tired Of Eating Unhealthy Take-Out/Fast-Food
  • Are Looking To Eat Healthier
  • Are Wanting To Try A New Diet (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Etc.)
  • Have A Specific Dietary Need And/Or Restriction
  • Have A Busy Family & Want To Spend Less Time Cooking And More At The Dinner Table
  • Are A Busy Working Professional
  • Are A New Or Expecting Parent
  • Are A Single Parent
  • Are A New Bachelorette/Bachelor
  • Are Recovering From An Injury Or Illness
  • Would Like To Learn More About Food, Ingredients And Cooking
  • Feel That Hiring A Personal Chef Would Be Beneficial To Your Lifestyle