Do you want to cook for your family, but lack the time and energy to meal plan and find recipes? If you want to be able to pull out a recipe, go to your pantry and fridge at any time and be able to have all the ingredients you need to cook a meal, a Meal Planning Service is just what you need!

Chef Michelle will give you a detailed questionnaire to assess your needs and provide you with an easy way to update your pantry to make cooking for your family enjoyable. It will now be easy for you to make healthy meals and to know what to do with leftovers.

Package Options

Basic Meal Planning Service

Will include a personalized shopping list and recipes for 12 dinners/month based on your detailed client questionnaire.

Pantry Revival Service

After reviewing your client questionnaire, Chef Michelle will come to your home, assess your pantry and provide you with recipes based on your needs.  She will also clean out and organize your pantry for you (additional purchasing of storage containers may be needed but always optional).

  • Shopping list will include one month’s worth of ingredients to make healthy and delicious dinners for your family (4 Meals/Week – 16 Meals/Month)
  • You can choose to have all recipes sent electronically or for a nominal fee, a recipe binder can be prepared for you. Every month you can add your monthly recipes. Before you know it you’ll have your very own cookbook!

Kitchen Restoration Service

After an in home consultation where Chef Michelle will assess your kitchen, pantry and refrigerator, Chef Michelle will reorganize your entire kitchen to meet your needs.Your kitchen will be left organized and spotless to ensure effective and less stressful meal planning and cooking. Additional purchasing of storage containers will likely be needed.

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